Lamps comes in variety forms, shapes and light sources that provides unique lumen output considering low wattage, commonly known as energy savings lamps.​




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Residential lighting affects virtually everyone and is often overlooked when it comes to design. 

Effective residential lighting will provide sufficient illumination to perform household tasks. It can be comfortable, easily controlled, and energy efficient.

Efficient energy use, sometimes simply called energy efficiency, is the goal to reduce the amount of energy required to provide products and services. For example, LED Lighting reduces heat and improves AC efficiency.  LED lighting last 20  to 30 times longer than standard incandescent and fluorescent lamps.

There are many motivations to improve energy efficiency. Reducing energy use reduces energy costs and  may result in a financial cost saving to consumers if the energy savings offset any additional costs of  implementing an energy efficient technology. Reducing energy use is also seen as a solution to the  problem of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. According to the International Energy Agency, improved  energy efficiency in buildings, industrial processes and transportation could reduce the world's energy  needs in 2050 by one third, and help control global emissions of greenhouse gases.


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Commercial lighting is the provision of light in applications that are meant to satisfy the corporate world as opposed to individuals.This means that the whole venture is geared towards financial gain. With this in mind, commercial lighting can be considered to include cinema halls, office buildings, commercial streets, malls and sports arenas. These are areas with high human traffic.

Manufacturing facilities, warehousing and distribution operations requires specific types of industrial lighting to illuminate their interior and exterior grounds, indoor shipping receiving bays, and production areas also depends on it. They are critical to task lighting that workers need to safely operate machinery and assemble parts. You can also find them in a enclosed sports facilities. 

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